bungalow munch

how it all began

My name is Jeri Howland. I’m a mom, wife, professional, a 7x Ironman champion and the winner of over 25 ultra-marathons. I’m also a granola chef. I make and eat bungalow munch every day. Why? I couldn’t find a fuel that kept me going all day, to stoke me in my very busy life; I found that my recipe stuck with me through the hours of athletic training, a busy day at the office and raising a family. It works every day. The tastiest, most nutritious solution no matter the goal. And… it’s still special enough for Sunday!

what is bungalow munch?

It’s my handmade granola – real food – six natural ingredients to create superior nutrition – it’s fresh and delicious in a subtle, lightly-sweetened way, with good crunch that leaves a wonderful taste and the idea that “this is good for me!” Just what you need and nothing more. Many say it’s satisfying and with the “sticking” power we all want –  whether you’re an Olympian, a pretty serious athlete like me, or a busy professional, also like me. It’s ideal for everyone.

a little history

Our product is a family recipe, from the mountains of Vermont. My twin sister and I created this recipe when we were just 12 years old, in the early years of our athletic pursuits. Today, my husband, Jerry Edelbrock, and I run this business together. We source our 100% organic ingredients from family farmers, bake in small batches, care deeply about quality and the environment. We sell bungalow munch in bulk  – 32 oz. in a refillable beautiful glass jar and a biodegradable re-fill bag – to enable less packaging waste. Our goal is to provide you (and ourselves!) with the best granola in the world and, in doing so, minimize our foot print on Planet Earth.

Now you know my secret, so join me!


ceo/founder, bungalow munch organic granola