what matters to us

using organic ingredients:

. . . . because it’s better for you. Research shows that organically grown foods can supply more nutrients, including antioxidants, than conventionally grown foods. Eatingorganic foods can also reduce your exposure to pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial hormones and antibiotics. Organic standards also prohibit irradiating or genetically altering food, the effects of which are largely unknown.

. . . . because it’s better for the planet. Organic farming is a healthier and more sustainable way of growing food. Organic methods focus on soil health. They replenish soil fertility, promote biodiversity, and protect our air, water, soils and wildlife from toxic chemicals. Organic farming is also a powerful component in the fight against global warming. It requires less use of and dependence on fossil fuels. Organic farming methods increase the storage of carbon in the soil promoting soil fertility instead of adding more carbon in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.

green business practices:

. . . . everything we do has an impact on the environment. We want to change the face of food packaging and how people buy their staples. That’s why we sell our granola in  a 32 oz. bag and glass refill or re-usable jar. We want to minimize, if not eliminate, the “throw away.” If you have suggestions on how to minimize waste further, please write us at jeri@bungalowmunch.com.

. . . . As we grow we will quantify our use of other precious resources, report this information to you, and tell you how we work to lessen our negative impact. Please watch our website for reports on our green practices.


. . . . because they lift our spirits and contribute to our overall well being and sense of community. We work with people who are motivated to support a world that includes social justice for all. We will sell locally to support sustainable businesses with best practices in employment, food and agricultural sustainability including cafes, family run food stores, certified farmers markets and then, of course, by word of mouth. We hope to grow our business to add a philanthropy component so we can financially support local projects that work for social justice and in general, global health.