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meredith kessler

professional triathlete • ironman champion

“I love starting my mornings out with bungalow munch! It’s healthy and organic ingredients fuel me with ample energy that I need to get through workouts and life! I find bungalow munch to be very versatile as well; you can scoop it over cereal, snack on it as is, add it to yogurt or even on ice cream. How can you TOP that– literally! A day is not complete without bungalow munch in it!”
— meredith kessler aka MBK


whole athlete teamWhole Athlete Reviews

u23 development team

“The Whole Athlete Cycling Team knows food. With optimal nutrition at the core of the program, the team focuses on a whole-foods, nutrient-rich diet to help fuel the top Junior and Under-23 mountain bike athletes as they compete throughout the US and Europe. bungalow munch is a staple of the team’s traveling kitchen, providing precisely what these top athletes and growing kids need. With nothing but wholesome, organic ingredients, Bungalow Munch is the tastiest granola we’ve ever tried!”

-whole athlete team leader, dario fredrick 


rebecca rusch

4x female champion, leadville 100 trailrace,
3 x 24 hour solo mountain bike world champion, ultra endurance athlete

“I have bungalow munch for breakfast every day. It really makes me feel like I’m starting my day off the absolute best way I can. I’ve tried so many store bought granolas and they either taste like cardboard if they’re healthy, or they have so much fat and such a long ingredient list that I don’t want to eat them. bungalow munch has six ingredients. It is super tasty, fills me up and makes me feel energetic and ready to face the day. I look forward to opening my jar every morning!”

– rebecca rusc


kristin armstrong

2012 and 2008 summer olympics women’s cycling time trial gold medal

“Since you sent me bungalow munch I have managed to have it each morning for breakfast either with yogurt or topped on my oatmeal. Unlike a lot of foods we eat, bungalow munch stays with me and gives me sustained energy throughout my rides. It doesn’t leave me hungry after an hour or so of riding. It tastes so good that I have a tendency to be walking by the “closed” mason jar and dive right in to have a handful or two. The best part about bungalow munch is that it is so hearty, flavorful – and all natural.”

– kristin armstrong


tyler stewart

professional triathlete and is the world record holder for the ironman bike split

“Ever since I was introduced to bungalow munch I can’t keep enough around the house. I am gluten and dairy intolerant so finding foods that I can eat, fuel me for my workouts and that I actually enjoy is tough. bungalow munch is my answer. Whether it’s just a hard day at work walking 30 dogs or a long day out on my bike, bungalow munch is always the one that helps start my day and keeps me going all day long.”

– tyler stewart


morgan arritola

professional runner

bungalow munch travels with me wherever my suitcase lands, it is my favorite breakfast and for all of the years I’ve been eating it, it’s still what I crave to fuel my mornings! To be a part of such a great company with people who do amazing things, I really am so lucky to share my passion for sports and health with my fellow munchies!”
— morgan arritola


carson beckettcarson_650px_4

whole athlete team member

“When race morning comes, nerves rise and the ability to stomach a sufficient meal becomes different. bungalow munch is not only very reliable for mornings like this, but also serves as a tasty and nutritious meal any time and anywhere. ”

– carson beckett


kendall friedman

awesome web designer

“Kendall is the best web designer in sun valley and she just happens to love bungalow munch! Good thing I got her to design this website!”

– jeri


stephanie morimoto

food blogger

“I loved the bungalow munch. I’ve been eating it every morning — I ate it one morning with almond milk and dried cranberries and dried apricots, which I snipped into strips with scissors, and another morning with goat yogurt and the dried fruit. Delish.”

– Stephanie Morimoto

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