the philosophy

Jeri believes that the pursuit of endurance sports opens doors to accomplishment, inspiration and especially to the great outdoors. Her background in science and nutrition, and decades of accomplishments in triathlon, running, and ski racing equip her to provide you with customized coaching plans, inspiration, stellar athletic example and her trade-mark passion for it all!

building whole athletes

The most successful athletes are whole. And this depends on a lot of factors. Indisputable is the role of nutrition. That’s where bungalow munch comes in. It is nutritious, comforting, tasty, easy-to-prepare. Our people (aka munchies!) love it and we hope you will too! You can count on it because it is real food with only six whole and natural ingredients– it’s also always fresh-baked, delicious in a subtle, lightly-sweetened way, with good crunch that leaves a wonderful taste. We keep it simple, as one flavor, so you can customize to your taste. As is, it works whether you’re an Olympian, a pretty serious athlete like me, a busy professional (also like me), a kid playing one or multiple sports after school (also like me – oh no, wait). You know it’s good for you when you eat it, and you can check that box – nutrition!